Prof Anton Bierl

The Dramatized Word: Electra and Orestes on Stage

Anton Bierl

Anton Bierl is Professor for Greek Literature at the University of Basel (since 2002). He was Senior Fellow at Harvard’s Center for Hellenic Studies (2005-2011). He is director and co-editor of Homer’s Iliad: The Basel Commentary and series-editor of MythosEikonPoiesis. His research interests include Homeric epic, drama, song and performance culture, the ancient novel, Greek myth and religion. His books include Dionysos und die griechische Tragödie (1991); Die Orestie des Aischylos auf der modernen Bühne (1996); in Italian: L’Orestea di Eschilo sulla scena moderna (2004); Der Chor in der Alten Komödie (2001); in English: Ritual and Performativity (2009); Sappho: Griechisch/Deutsch with commentary and afterword (2021); and the co-edited volumes Literatur und Religion I-II (2007); Gewalt und Opfer (2010); The Newest Sappho (2016); Time and Space in Ancient Myth, Religion and Culture (2017).

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