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Potw Logo Blue 100Welcome to the website of the Power of the Word Project. The idea of the Power of the Word Project took shape in late 2010 as an initiative to stimulate genuinely interdisciplinary work on 'the Word' in various fields: in the arts, scripture, philosophy and traditions of religious faith and practice. The aim has always been to foster conversations between creative writers, scholars, students and other interested readers in literature, philosophy, theology, biblical studies, ethics and related areas.

Browse through our website to learn about our upcoming Conference in September 2024 and explore the rest of the site to see what we've worked on in the past.

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Join us in Rome in September 2024 for our 7th International Conference

The Power of the Word International Conference VII is taking place from 16-20 September, 2024, at La Sapienza University, Rome.

The title for the Conference is:

The Dramatised Word:
Theology, Philosophy and Literature in Conversation

"The stage is not merely the meeting place of all the arts, but is also the return of art to life."
Oscar Wilde

Poets, philosophers, and theologians all testify to "the power of the word", whether the source of this creativity is held to be divine or human. The "word" is dramatic and dialogic. This conference will examine the ways in which its potency is expressed through enactment or performance.

The Power of the Word: bringing together scholars in literature, philosophy, theology, ethics and religion in conversation with each other and with creative writers and their works.

“If by means of words the secrets of the heart are brought to light, pain of soul is relieved, hidden grief is carried off, sympathy conveyed, counsel imparted, experience recorded, and wisdom perpetuated,—if by great authors the many are drawn up into unity, national character is fixed, a people speaks, the past and the future, the East and the West are brought into communication with each other,—if such men are, in a word, the spokesmen and prophets of the human family,—it will not answer to make light of Literature or to neglect its study.”
John Henry Newman

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